If Your Carrier's Website Doesn't Say "Trade Show Specialist" Then They Are NOT!

Our customers come to us to avoid the common pitfalls of trade show shipping:

  • Empty booths on day one due to delayed shipments

  • Missing valuable show time

  • Damaged Displays

  • Waiting and worrying where your shipment is

  • At Greenway we understand how significant your investment is in trade shows. That investment deserves protection. We are specifically designed to handle the unique needs of trade shows:

  • Fragile materials

  • Special time restrictions

  • Time sensitivity

  • After-hours communication

  • That's our forte.

    Other companies might have a “trade show division”. Most of the time, that’s just the same service with a different label. This means more handling, more sorting and more chances for loss, delay and damage.

    Our professional customer service team, network of carriers, and commitment to quality, cannot be matched. We value long-term relationships with our clients and that only happens by consistently providing the highest quality personalized service.

    What good is a low price if your trade show doesn’t start on time or look its best? Don’t fall victim to a cut-throat carrier. Choose Greenway! We’re looking forward to partnering with you!

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